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Uniting Healthcare with Holiness to Relieve Suffering

The Casa USA Vision: St. Pio's model of Catholic healthcare is coming to the US!

St. Padre Pio was a miracle worker and is still active around the world today working through his spiritual children and miraculous encounters. In his own words, his unrivaled Home for the Relief of Suffering hospital was his greatest work on earth.  Through an inspiration from St. Pio, Catholic Healthcare International will replicate his healing and spiritual charisms in the United States.  This vision is already becoming a reality through the following initiatives:


St. Padre Pio built a foundation of prayer first to ensure the success of his great works, and we have done the same.  Now, built on that firm and sure foundation, our inspired ambitious initiatives are becoming a reality by the grace of God and the patronage of Our Lady of Grace and St. Padre Pio, and when we are allowed to pray together on the campus, all will come to fruition!

If you are reading this, then you too are being called by St. Pio to join us in “One of the most important works of the Church in our time” as Cardinal Burke says.  We need your help.  Please do what you can personally, and share your passion with those whom you know who have the means to help.  Padre Pio has promised to wait at the gates of Heaven for his spiritual children who join him in his healing and spiritual charism.  “Pray, hope & don’t worry!”

Catholic Medical School

The Proposed Saint Pio Institute for the Relief of Suffering School of Osteopathic Medicine, is in the early stages of development. 

This school will train generations of peaceful warriors who will stand for life and human dignity, armored with true Catholic principles and unafraid to evangelize the Good News of Jesus Christ in their practice. The Saint Padre Pio School intends, as in Luke 12:49, to “set the world afire” and revolutionize the Catholic practice of medicine.

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*St. Pio was oppressed by slurs that were leveled not only at him directly, but also at the administration of the Home for the Relief of Suffering. Numerous books have been written about the persecutions suffered by Padre Pio, refuting the accusations brought against him, fully exonerating St. Pio.
Pio is still being persecuted through his work of the Casa USA prayer campus. But crosses are brought to highlight how it is by the cross that one reaches the light!
Join St. Pio on this amazing initiative, and while they attempt to crush our ability to pray, the Campus we have been called to, then banned from, is awaiting the glorious day of our return.