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Donor Privacy Policy

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The Catholic Healthcare International (“CHI”) values our donors, prospects and subscribers (together, our “supporters”) and takes their privacy seriously. This Donor Privacy Policy sets out the principles that CHI will follow with regard to the personal information of our supporters (including our individual donors and prospects and all subscribers of our media tools and other products and services) that CHI will collect, retain and use. This Policy will guide the actions of CHI’s employees, contractors and authorized representatives.

The information this Policy is concerned with includes:

  1. personally identifying information obtained from donors, prospects, and subscribers through our Web site, pledge cards, letters, surveys, applications, and other forms, in writing, in person, by telephone, or electronically, and includes, but is not necessarily limited to, information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, employer, birth date, credit card numbers, family members, interests; and
  2. individual information that may also be collected by CHI about donors, prospects and subscribers’ present and past donation or transaction history, from public documents and reports, and from any other interactions an individual may have had with CHI.


We will respect the privacy of the personally identifying and individual information that we receive or collect about our supporters and so we will adhere to the following principles with regard to how we obtain, use, protect and share information about our supporters.

How We Handle Supporter Information

  • We will use our best efforts to hold strictly confidential all financial information concerning supporters, and particularly with regard to donors and prospects, we will guard their names, addresses, names of beneficiaries, nature and value of estates, amounts of provisions or gifts, etc., unless a donor or prospect grants permission to use selective information for purposes of referral, testimonial, example, recognition, promotion or publicity.
  •  Without a supporter’s consent, we will not provide that supporter’s information to organizations or individuals outside CHI, except as required by law.
  •  We will not sell or trade supporter information.
  •  We will use our best efforts to comply with the expressed wishes of any supporter regarding the use of the supporter’s name in any promotional material, the removal from or limitations on the supporter’s name with regard to solicitation lists, or the supporter’s wishes to have his or her gifts or services be anonymous.

How We Ensure Supporter Privacy

  • We collect, use and share information about our supporters among our employees only on a need-to-know basis and for the sole purpose of carrying out CHI’s mission.
  •  We educate our employees on the importance of protecting the privacy and security of confidential supporter information and require them to abide by this Policy.
  •  We contractually require any person or organization that obtains confidential supporter information in the course of providing services to CHI to acknowledge that the person or organization is familiar with the “Communications Consortium Media Center Donor Privacy Policy” and agrees to protect the confidentiality of supporter information.